Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boozariums for Sale

I am really getting excited about my line of boozariums. They really make quirky gifts for a wide variety of people: all you need to know is your giftee's favorite brand of liquor and (if it comes in a clear bottle) it can become a home for a miniature ecosystem, perfect for setting on a bar, a coffee table, or decorating a man cave!

Boozariums are not currently ship-able (the USPS did not heed "this end up" and "fragile" designations on my experimental shipment), but I sell locally in the Philadelphia area at craft shows from time to time and I can arrange to meet buyers as well.

Each boozarium is one of a kind and once a particular bottle sells I can not 100% recreate it. However, I can usually acquire another bottle of the same brand and plant something similar should you like a certain look. Or if you have a specific look in mind, contact me, and let me create a commission for you! You can let me know th
e bottle you want and the types of plants you like. Feel free to look at my past and current stock to get an idea of what is available to be created!

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