Monday, January 23, 2012

Kokedama, or, String Gardens

Kokedama fever has hit this corner of Philadelphia! What is kokedama you ask? Well, it is a Japanese technique that is in the same vein of bonsai. Instead of growing plants in miniature pots and pruning them to keep the size small, plants are grown in a special mixture of soil that is ball shaped and covered with moss.

The plant roots can only grow into the size of the ball so growth is truncated like bonsai. What is really cool, though, is that the roots of the plant and the moss grow into the ball and hold its shape
! So the moss ball can be hung from the ceiling or a shelf - a GREAT way to have houseplants in your home but keep them away from cats or other pets.

Should you not want to hang the ball it can also be placed on a decorative dish. Because it is a moss ball (and usually planted with other low light loving plants like ferns) kokedama can be displayed in darker areas of the home, providing green to areas many houseplants can't comfortably live.

Moss does not like to dry out, so to water, simply dunk the ball in water every other day!

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