Friday, December 30, 2011

I am terrible at posting

I am starting my 2012 resolutions a few days early: to actually use my blog.

Of course I have managed to lose the battery charger for my camera, which makes adding photos a little bit harder. I have looked all over the house for it - I must have left it in California when I was there. Anyone know of any good after market camera accessory shops?

I have tried to make due with my tablet camera. Once you get above 8 megapixels is there really a difference if you're just uploading things to the internet? Turns out, yes, yes there is.

But that didn't stop one of my favorite pieces from selling yesterday to my delight:

This specimen is particularly beautiful: I love the way the leaves progress in size from smallest to largest. And while the native White Oak isn't really known for its stunning fall color - the leaves are a rusty brown/red - they do look so much like Autumn in Pennsylvania.

This piece is going to its new home in New York, New York. I always expect the fall leaves to go to the parts of the country that don't have a New England Fall, but I am beginning to find most of them selling up the Northeastern Corridor. Curious.

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